CPW Commission Considers Requiring Archery Hunters to Wear Orange this Hunting Season

The Colorado Parks and Wildlife Commission is currently taking public comment from hunters on the consideration of requiring archery hunters to wear fluorescent orange vests this upcoming season.

This has come to the commission as there was an archery hunter was fatally shot by a muzzleloader hunter in southwest Colorado last year.

NOW is the time to speak up. It will only take 90 seconds of your time to SPEAK UP and share your opinion with the Colorado Parks and Wildlife Commission. The number of bowhunters who respond will let our voices be heard louder. Please help yourself and your fellow bowhunters by completing this important short survey. Be sure to share with your friends who bow hunt, Colorado.

PLEASE take a few seconds and go to www.coloradobowhunting.org to complete the survey today. THIS IS CRUCIAL that our voices are heard and that we band together as one LOUD UNITED voice.

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