Colorado Parks and Wildlife Commission Denies Petition to Ban Trapping

[Denver, Colo, March 17, 2021] The Colorado Parks and Wildlife (CPW) Commission met for the first day of the two-day March meetings and addressed a Citizen’s Petition submitted by the Humane Society of the United States(HSUS), which aimed to ban all trapping. 

The Commission heard HSUS and anti-trapping advocates’ presentations, then listened to comment from Dan Gates, the Colorado Trappers Association president. During the HSUS presentation, the petitioner accused the Commission of disregarding Colorado law. At this time, CPW’s attorney read said law aloud, indicating that CPW is following state statute and trapping guidelines.

After presentations, the Commission took public comment. This petition is the third in less than 24-months in an attempt to limit trapping. In 2019, in Grand Junction, the Commission heard a petition to ban bobcat trapping and was met in person with nearly 300 sportspersons who opposed the ban. 

With current health concerns and virtual meetings, the sportsperson’s community fell short of their 2019 rally. Four sports persons provided public testimony, virtually urging the CPW Commission to deny the petition to end trapping. 

“Trapping is only one of the tools in our toolbox and should not be eliminated,” said Jennifer Burbee, President of the Colorado Outfitters Association. 

“One that teaches responsibility and demonstrates conservation,” said Lea Leggitt, Four Corners SCI Chapter Secretary.

Although minor in numbers for testimony, the Commission received hundreds of letters from sportspersons who support trapping. Ultimately, sportspersons prevailed in their support for wildlife conservation. The CPW Commission voted unanimously, denying the petition to eliminate trapping in the state of Colorado.


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