Four Corners SCI chapter Legacy Project

Legacy Project-Four Corners SCI

We are pleased to continue our support of the Legacy Project, a program to help and encourage youth in conservation, hunting, and education. The project helps youngsters to get outdoors, enjoy it, and then pass it on to others, thus establishing a legacy.

Each year at our annual banquet/fundraiser we present one local youth with a new hunting firearm, provide them with instruction on how to safely use the firearm, and send them on a hunt.

We need your help!

We’re asking for nominations of boys or girls, who live in the Four Corners area, want to hunt but are unable to afford a gun or must share one with a sibling. If you know of and would like to nominate a local youth, please send the information to us.

Please include the name, age and parental contact information for any nomination. In your short nomination letter, please list why this youth is a good candidate to receive this rifle.

Turn in your nomination by March 1st of 2018 to have it considered by the board. The Board members will make a final decision on the recipient of this award, and the winner announced the night of the banquet.

Submit your nominations to:


Four Corners SCI
attn: Legacy Project
PO Box 1401
Bayfield, CO 81122 

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