Proposition 114 Update

The Colorado Parks and Wildlife (CPW) Commission met for the first time in 2021. Due to health restrictions, the meeting occurred via Zoom and required an advanced application for live comment. During this session the Commission began the planning and implementation of wolves into Colorado due to Proposition 114. 

Proposition 114 gives CPW until December 31, 2023, for complete planning and implementation of wolf introduction. SCI Is working hard to ensure that CPW considers rural Colorado, tourism, hunting, and those who care about due process as they work on an introduction plan.

Our SCI Hunter Advocacy Action Center (HAAC) sent out an alert for individuals to email the CPW Commission with their comments regarding wolf planning concerns. In the days leading up to the first meeting of 2021, the Commission received over 1,500 public comments via email.

Governor Polis addressed the Commissioners during the live session. Announcing his intention to rush wolf introduction, he directed CPW to host a brief public comment period with only 60-days for the public to make their voices heard, followed by wolves on the ground in Colorado in early 2022. This directive detailed by the Governor is well ahead of the deadline set by the passage of Prop 114.

During the live meeting’s public comment period, your Colorado Regional Representative, Mia Anstine, provided a spoken request. She asked that the Commission take their time and be responsible in their research process for determining the logistics of wolf placement. Anstine also requested CPW include an SCI representative on the soon to be formed wolf action committee.  

After public comment closed, the Commission passed a three-year plan for wolf introduction in response to Proposition 114. The action includes annual goals, which will later be defined.

Hunter Advocacy Action Center

Safari Club International (SCI) is the only pro-hunting organization with an office in Washington, D.C., with full-time policy experts, in-house legal counsel, and staffed with experts dedicated to protecting hunting everywhere. We also have SCI lobbyists working in each of the states working hand-in-hand with the Commission.

The Hunter Advocacy Action Center (HAAC) is a revolutionary software program that enables SCI members and outdoorsmen to impact legislative issues like never before. Through the HAAC, SCI’s Government Affairs staff connect SCI members directly to elected officials at the state and federal level, enabling engagement in public comment submissions and petitions related to issues that directly affect them, such as trophy import bans, expanding hunting access, and second amendment issues. Through the HAAC, SCI members have made thousands of direct connections with state and federal legislators, ensuring their voice is heard in the political process.

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Safari Club International and its members help shape and promote conservation and the image of hunters to non-hunters through our words and actions.

In addition to promoting ethical hunting while in the field and around others, Safari Club International monitors, evaluates, and lobbies on federal, state, and local legislation impacting hunting, hunters, and wildlife conservation.

We help ensure that hunting interests are at the forefront when important legislation comes up by building relationships with Congressional and state leaders as well as staying current on the issues. 

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