Action Needed: Tell Wildlife Commissioners Not to Rush Wolf Introduction

The message below was received from Farm Bureau.

Last night Governor Polis announced his intention to rush wolf introduction, and place wolves on the ground in Colorado ahead of the deadline set by the passage of Prop 114! Not simply satisfied with a win at the ballot box, the Governor is now shifting the goalposts and accelerating the process faster than what was voted on by a narrow majority of voters in the state.  

MARGINS MATTER. Prop. 114 passed by only two percent meaning nearly half of Coloradans agree this is a bad idea. Regardless of what the governor seems to think, this WAS NOT A CLEAR MANDATE. It should be a slow, measured and responsible process that reduces harm on the people being impacted: the Western Slope. NOT the Front Range.

Previous introductions such as moose and lynx took 15 years to study how they would impact the ecosystems they are being put into. With this rush there will be no study and will most likely cause mass destruction to the dwindling elk herds and livestock on the western slope.

Now more than ever it is important to let your voice be heard. Don’t be afraid to reach out to the game commissioners and let them know that it is a bad idea to rush the wolf introduction.

Email commissioners TODAY and tell them to take the time needed to responsibly carry out Prop 114. Messages to commissioners could include:

-Western Colorado is suffering. Don’t let the Governor add yet another challenge for our already-stressed communities. 
-It is irresponsible to rush this process. Prop 114 was passed with a specific date which is already short compared to the length of time needed to create similar plans in other states. 
-Responsible public policy takes input. Especially from those who will be most directly impacted by the final plan. Rushing this process is a recipe for disaster, both for wolves and for the people that will leave with them. 
-Other states have taken an average of 3-4 years to complete their wolf planning process. Colorado, with all its uniqueness shouldn’t try to buck the trend and rush this process. Get it done right. 
-Listen to the voices of Division staff. They understand the difficulty of implementing Prop 114, without the Governors accelerated timeline. 
-Don’t make this process any more political than it has already been made. CPW staff, you as commissioners, and West Slope residents have a duty to implement this process in a responsible way, without mixing in Front Range politics and the fervent desires of activist groups.  

Email commissioners directly using the email addresses below! 

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