Forced Wolf Introduction in Colorado

The SCI Chapters in Colorado have combined forces to support voter education regarding the ballot initiative that could potentially force wolves into the state. This would be without the input of, and is not suggested by, Colorado Parks and Wildlife. Since the initiative has come about, CPW is not allowed to express a position on this issue. We need to educate voters about the impact this will have on our economy, habitat and other wild animals. — TAKE A STANCE! Also, please share this information and educate your friends and neighbors.

The Four Corners Chapter also supports the Colorado Stop the Wolf organization. Click here to be sent to their site.

Commit to Vote No On Forced Wolf Introduction

Forced wolf introduction in Colorado will be on the statewide ballot this November. This reckless measure: 

  • disregards science and the expertise of Colorado Parks and Wildlife,
  • is unnecessary because wolves already live in Colorado,
  • would introduce a nonnative species of wolf which will bring unknown consequences, and
  • not achieve the intended result of restoring ecological balance while wasting millions of taxpayer dollars in the process. 

If you are worried about this dangerous ballot initiative, we encourage you to commit to VOTE NO this November. Click on the link above or past this URL into your web browser: to add your name to the list of Coloradans opposing this measure. 

You can learn more about the campaign against forced wolf introduction in Colorado by visiting or liking Rethink Wolves page on Facebook:

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