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SCI first for hunters logoNext week, the Colorado Parks and Wildlife Commission will meeting virtually to hear a Citizen’s Petition submitted by the Humane Society of the United States that is seeking to ban common styles of predator hunting in the state.

In their petition, they argue that holding and participating in predator hunting contests throughout Colorado “undermines wildlife management”, violates ‘hunting ethics” and may even “put threatened or endangered wildlife species in peril.”

Nothing could be further from the truth.

Hunting contests, especially those centered around predator species, follow ALL applicable rules and regulations set forth by Colorado Parks and Wildlife and their Commission, and serve as a useful tool in wildlife management and prevent predator-human conflict and even predator-livestock conflict.


Hunting contests often involve raising money for conservation non-profits or other organizations such as Hunters for the Hungry. Outlawing these common style of hunts can have unintended consequences and actually DECREASE funding for species conservation by helping to decrease hunting licenses sales in the state.

Click the button below and tell the Colorado Parks and Wildlife Commission to OPPOSE this citizen’s petition and let the biologists and wildlife management professionals continue to manage wildlife based off science and not emotion.

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