Fight Back! Proposed Bobcat Trapping/Hunting Ban in Colorado 

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Anti-Hunting Groups Propose Bobcat Trapping/Hunting Ban in Colorado 

Organizers from anti-hunting groups have teamed-up once again in an attempt to put an end to bobcat hunting and trapping in Colorado.

Anti-hunters have proposed prohibiting recreational and commercial trapping of bobcats in Colorado in the form of a citizen’s petition filed with the Colorado Parks and Wildlife Department. Using a typical tactic, they are promoting inaccurate science and emotionally driven rhetoric.

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Included in their petition language is information about the number of Colorado residents who harvested bobcats in the last five years. By attempting to show that only a small number of Colorado residents hunt or trap bobcats compared to the overall population of the state, they are setting the precedent for eliminating all hunting in the future

The Colorado Parks and Wildlife Commission will hear the petition during their May Commission meeting on May 9 in Grand Junction. Following the petition supporter’s presentation, biologists from Colorado Parks and Wildlife will give an update on overall bobcat and Canada lynx management efforts in the state.

Use Safari Club International’s Hunter Advocacy Action Center to let the Colorado Parks and Wildlife Commissioners know you oppose this citizen petition.

If you are able, you can attend the Commission meeting and show your support for hunters and trappers.

Colorado Parks and Wildlife Commission Meeting

May 9-10, 2019

Courtyard Marriott – Grand Junction
765 Horizon Drive
Grand Junction, CO 81506

How can one comment on Colorado Parks and Wildlife regulations at Parks and Wildlife Commission meetings?

Groups or individuals wishing to speak at a Commission meeting about a topic already on the agenda can simply sign up at the meeting. Ideally, organized groups should identify one spokesperson. Speakers should try to be as concise as possible and avoid repeating comments already made by others. The time available for each person is limited to three (3) minutes depending on the number of people who wish to speak at the meeting.

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