Want to Save Animals? Stop Supporting PETA (A Wildlife Biologist/Conservationist Perspective)

Most of us understand what it means to save animals, but do our PETA supporting friends or relatives grasp the scope of what their well-intended support does? Whether you have the time or not, take a moment to at least read the introduction and bullet points. Then share the information with others.


I realize my chosen field of study is very unique to the average person. After dual majoring in Secondary Education and French for over 4 years, I took half a year off to really reevaluate my interests and passions and decided to obtain my Bachelor’s degree in Fisheries and Wildlife Science with a specialization in wildlife conservation. I started volunteering at local wildlife rehabilitation centers, which then turned to moving a couple of hours away to a random person’s house to intern at a wildlife refuge, which then turned to moving out of state and living in someone’s basement who I found off of Craiglist to work at a conservation center for canids (dog and dog-related species, ie. wolves, African wild dogs, foxes, etc.), which then turned to moving away yet again to work at a zoo or two, which turned into traveling to South Africa for two weeks on…

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