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Hunters: Don’t forget to file your mandatory harvest report

nmdgf-logo-color_originalSANTA FE – Mandatory harvest deadlines are fast approaching for hunters and trappers who held licenses for New Mexico’s 2018-19 seasons.

The deadline to file a free report for hunters who held 2018-19 deer, elk, pronghorn or turkey licenses is midnight Feb. 15, 2019, After that date, an $8 late fee will apply. Hunters must report on or before the March 20 application deadline or their applications will be rejected from the big-game draws.

The deadline to report for those who held 2018-19 Barbary sheep, javelina, oryx, ibex or trapping licenses is midnight April 7, 2019. The later harvest-reporting deadline allows license holders for those species to submit results after the seasons have closed.

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Hunters and trappers can file their mandatory harvest report on the department website, by logging in to their account and clicking “Harvest Reporting” in the main menu. Reports also can be submitted by phone toll-free at (888) 248-6866 from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday.

The department encourages hunters and trappers to keep their confirmation number for their records and to update their account information and provide a valid email address so they can receive important information, confirmation emails and receipts from the department.

License holders must file a report, even if they did not hunt or trap. Failure to file a mandatory harvest report on time will result in rejection of all big-game applications.

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