Dirty Tactics Toward Hunters by North Dakota Democrat Party

Dirty Tricks In North Dakota Demand A Response From America’s Hunters 

Dear SCI Member:

In a close race that could determine control of Congress, the North Dakota Democrat party, working to reelect Senator Heidi Heitkamp, has resorted to deliberately deceiving hunters and tricking them to forego voting in next week’s elections.

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The dirty tricksters have targeted North Dakota’s hunters with a paid Facebook post threatening their out-of-state hunting licenses if they vote next week in North Dakota.  Friends, this is a scurrilous attack on all hunters in America, not just in North Dakota.  These disgusting tactics are completely unacceptable.

But sadly, they are a sign of the times.  Last month I alerted you about legislation introduced in Congress by Rep. Raul Grijalva (D-AZ) designed to shutdown trophy imports.  These kinds of attacks are only going to escalate unless YOU GET INVOLVED, get to the polls next week, and support candidates who will defend our hunting heritage.

If you want to respond to the dirty tricks we are seeing aimed directly at our fellow sportsmen in North Dakota, then I want you to immediately click HERE to make an Emergency Contribution to SCI-PAC of $100, $250, $500, $1,000 or even $2,500.  Next, GET TO THE POLLS next Tuesday and defend your fellow hunters.

You need to know that the outcome of the 2018 midterm Congressional elections, which are NEXT TUESDAY, November 6, will directly impact the future of hunting in America – and not in a good way if those who defend hunting do not triumph.

The pro-hunting majority in Congress is in serious danger of being wiped out by a tidal wave of “progressive” candidates who embrace the animal rights movement and gun bans.

SCI-PAC is THE voice of hunting in Washington, D.C., and we directly support candidates who fight to protect our heritage and our beloved sport.  The need for SCI-PAC’s work has never been greater than it is today.

That’s why I am reaching out to ask you to send SCI-PAC an Emergency Contribution of $100, $250, $500, $1,000 or even $2,500.  ACT NOW!

Click HERE now and fight the extremists who are making their anti-hunting intentions clear for all to see.  DO NOT DELAY.


Paul Babaz
SCI President

P.S. SCI-PAC needs your immediate support to help elect pro-hunting political candidates all across the country or expose dirty tricksters.  Click HERE to donate $100, $250, $500, $1,000 or even $2,500 right away.  The future of our pro-hunting majority in Congress is on the line.  With your help today, we will elect enough pro-hunting candidates to protect hunting and our rights for years to come.

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