Action Alert: Protect Northern Yellowstone Wildlife – Increased Wolf Quota

Our brothers in the mission to conserve wildlife have released a message requesting our assistance. Please read the following, from Big Game Forever, Montana’s Executive Director, Matt Lumley.

BGF-LOGO-Big-Game-ForeverMontana’s Northern Yellowstone Elk and Moose populations are in serious trouble. The problem is simple. Years of uncontrolled predation by wolves in areas outside of Yellowstone National Park is killing too many calf elk and calf moose. Without recruitment of young moose and elk, these herds have been in decline for many years. It’s time for sportsmen to say enough is enough.

For the last few years, the Montana Wildlife Commission has set a ridiculously low harvest quota of just 2 wolves in this huge area. We are hearing that moose in the area almost non-existent. Last fall, Montana Fish Wildlife and Parks recommended cutting 95% of elk permits in the area. Cutting hunting permits won’t save calf moose and elk. Only removing these irresponsible and unnecessary limits on wolf harvest will work to restore wildlife.

Only the combined voice of Montana hunters and conservationists can restore balance to elk, moose, and predator populations in the great state of Montana. Please send your message today. 
We have learned that a recommendation was made to increase the wolf harvest from 2 wolves to 6 wolves. While this falls short of the level of wolf management needed to restore the areas hard hit elk and moose herds, at least it is a start. However, pressure from powerful out-of-state anti-sportsmen groups and their sympathizers on the Montana Wildlife Commission have rejected this proposal and left the quota at 2 wolves a year. This will not recover elk and moose in Montana.
We need your support, by sending a strong message to the Montana Wildlife Commission. Please send a message using our automated system at

Here is how BigGame Forever’s automated system works. Simply input your contact information to the first page of the BigGame Forever automated system and push the “submit” button. The system will then take you to a second page to edit our automated message by pushing the “submit” button on the second page as well. Please take a minute and personalize the message before sending.

It only takes 30 seconds to begin the process of restoring and protecting Montana’s amazing wildlife resources.
Here is the example email you will find on the second page of BGF’s automated system:

I am writing to ask you follow the original Montana Fish Wildlife and Parks proposal to increase the area 313 wolf harvest quota from 2 to 6 wolves. This is a good start towards stabilizing current wolf populations in this area and give added relief in protecting HD 313 mother herds and their ungulates. Area 313 is far below historical levels for elk and moose. Recruitment of calf elk and moose are vitally important to healthy herd populations. Unfortunately, the agreements to responsibly manage wolves have not been followed for over a decade. The impacts of the failure to manage wolves on calf recruitment in Western Montana are unquestioned. The only way to increase calf vital rates is for responsible predator management.

There are now an estimated 500 wolves within the Greater Yellowstone area. This is 400 more than the environmental impact objective recommended. Now that the state of Montana has management authority over wolves, now is the time to begin recovery of elk and moose. The agreed upon 1994 Environmental Impact Statement for the Greater Yellowstone area determined 100 wolves and 10 breeding pairs would be ecologically compatible in the Greater Yellowstone area, to the extent that distribution in numbers be maintained and controlled. We ask that you allow the process of restoring balance to wolf numbers by following these agreed-upon EIS criteria for wolf population objectives in the areas surrounding Yellowstone Park.

Thousands of sportsman, ranchers, outfitters, and local communities in the area are dependent upon abundant big game and common sense predator management for their opportunity and livelihoods.

Increased predation is clearly destroying this once beautiful diverse and opportunity abundant landscape. Please begin the process of restore elk and moose populations. At this point, recovery could take decades. Please do not delay the important decisions needed to reduce predation by wolves in Montana on Montana’s wildlife, hunting opportunity, and outdoor heritage.

Thank you for your support,


Matt Lumley
Executive Director
BigGame Forever, Montana

BigGame Forever ( is a non-profit membership organization of conservation-minded sportsmen committed to protecting the future of our outdoor heritage. BigGame Forever allows hunters and fishermen from around the United States to speak with one united voice to promote the protection of abundant wild game and the right of sportsmen

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