Chapter Grants, Scholarships and Awards



Grant requests are due April 1st and October 1st of each year. Requests are reviewed and voted upon, in May and November, unless other causes justify an urgent meeting and vote, by the acting Four Corners SCI board. All approved grants are issued within 30 days of the board meeting. CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE ABOUT, AND HOW TO APPLY FOR, CHAPTER’S GRANTS.


The Four Corners chapter of Safari Club International (SCI), sponsors two local teachers to attend the American Wilderness Leadership School (AWLS) during the summer of each year. All interested teachers need to have applications submitted to Four Corners SCI, for grant review, by February 15th of each year. CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE ABOUT, AND HOW TO APPLY FOR, AWLS SCHOLARSHIPS.


We are pleased to continue our support of the Legacy Project, a program to help and encourage youth in conservation, hunting, and education. The project helps youngsters not only get outdoors but stay out, enjoy it and then pass it on to others, thus establishing a Legacy. Each year, at our annual banquet/fundraiser we present one local youth with a new rifle. CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE ABOUT, AND HOW TO NOMINATE YOUTH FOR THE, LEGACY AWARD.

Four Corners SCI

To promote good fellowship among all who love the outdoors and hunting.

To promote conservation of the world’s renewable wildlife resources, recognizing hunting as one of the many management tools.

To educate youth, sportsmen, and the public in conservation of our wildlife and our forest, which is our natural heritage.

To share our knowledge and hunting experiences among all our membership.

To operate the association as a non-profit organization, consistent with its charitable purposes, while providing enjoyment for our members.  Always with the goal of helping to conserve the animals that we love to hunt today, for those who will come to love the sport tomorrow.

We support our mission through our fundraising efforts and providing grant donations. Our annual banquet/fundraiser is the primary source of funds. All monies collected go toward our efforts. The good news is 70% of all funds raised stay here. That’s right the majority of our efforts stay local. If you or someone you know have a group which would like to apply for a grant, please submit your application to the address below.

Submit all request to:

Four Corners SCI
attn: Grant Request Committee
PO Box 1401
Bayfield, CO 81122 

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