Colorado Counties Saying NO to Forced Wolf Introduction

The Chapter would like to keep the membership apprised as to the status of wolves coming to Colorado. This is the latest report from the Colorado Stop the Wolf Coalition, which came to speak at our September board meeting. If you have additional news regarding this issue, please email the information to us.

More Colorado Counties Saying NO to Forced Wolf Introduction

Colorado stop the wolf coalitionGrand Junction, CO – The Colorado Stop the Wolf Coalition announced the latest Colorado county to pass a resolution against forced wolf introduction. Garfield County Commissioners voted unanimously yesterday to oppose forced wolf introduction in Colorado and joins the growing list of other counties that are already taking a stand against Initiative #107, even before it makes it on the 2020 ballot.

During testimony before the unanimous vote, Garfield County Commissioners noted that Colorado Parks & Wildlife Commission already has a standing resolution against wolf introduction in our state.

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Garfield County Commissioner Mike Samson said opposing artificial wolf introduction in Colorado was just common sense, “This is a no-brainer…it would be devastating for our moose, elk and deer populations of our state, not to mention domestic livestock…I am amazed that people want to do something like this because I don’t think it would be good for anyone in any way.”
You can read the resolution as well as the info STW provided by going here.

“We’re grateful for Garfield County’s leadership on this issue and we were happy to work with them in providing the information, grassroots support, and facts they needed to pass their strong No Wolf Introduction Resolution,” said Denny Behrens, Co-Chairman of Colorado Stop the Wolf Coalition.

Stop the Wolf Coalition has been circulating an online citizen’s petition throughout Colorado, with thousands of Coloradans already signing, urging their local elected officials to publicly take a stand against forced wolf introduction in Colorado, just like Garfield County has done.

“We’ve seen the data and the reports from other states about the devastation and tragedy that comes when wolves are artificially introduced. That’s why the members of Stop the Wolf Coalition, from local individuals to national organizations, are working hard to make sure Colorado citizens, livestock, and our wildlife don’t become the next victims of this insane agenda,” concluded Denny Behrens.

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