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Big Game Hunt, Argentina, South America

Big Game Hunt, South America – This hunt is for two hunters who will be accompanied by one guide each for seven days. The hunters will have their choice for method of take. Bid winners receive credit toward trophy fees for 1 ram, 1 boar, and 1 multi-horned per hunter.

The hunt will be scheduled by the bid winner to be taken between March and December of 2019. There are 18 species of game that may be added to this hunt. Wing shooting is available. Additional hunters may be added at $500 USD per hunter. Non-hunters may be added at $200 USD per non-hunter.

Luxury lodging, meals, beverages. Use of the ranch’s firearms at no cost. Field prep of game, caping, skinning, salting.

Not Included:
Required license $200 USD. Firearm permit. Transportation, including air travel, to and from Santiago al Estero Airport from the USA. $800 USD transportation cost (up to 4 people) round trip from the airport to ranch. Trophy fees for additional game hunted. Shipping and packaging of game $750 USD per hunter.

*Hunts may be edited for accuracy prior to the final printing at the banquet/fundraiser event.

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