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USFWS Proposed Improvements To ESA Supported by SCI

SCI first for hunters logoSafari Club International supports major proposed revisions by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service to its Endangered Species Act regulations that were announced today.“Today’s announcement ushers in a major move forward for the FWS.  At long last, we have leadership that recognizes the importance of flexibility in the conservation of federally listed wildlife and the recognition that different approaches, including sustainable use, can be used to recover and sustain the world’s wildlife,” said SCI President Paul Babaz.

Of the many proposed changes, SCI generally supports the proposals to provide more flexibility to the management and recovery of threatened species and to modify how the agency establishes the “foreseeable future” when making threatened listing decisions.

Under one proposal, the FWS would decide on a species-by-species basis what, if any, ESA prohibitions would apply to each species listed as threatened.  The ESA itself applies these prohibitions (e.g., regarding take and import) only to endangered species.  Congress envisioned that the FWS would decide individually what prohibitions applied to each particular threatened species.

But the FWS long ago adopted a blanket rule that the statutory prohibitions would automatically apply to all threatened species, unless the FWS adopted a “special rule” specific to a particular species that spelled out what restrictions applied.

The FWS’s sister agency in implementing the ESA, the National Marine Fisheries Service (NMFS), followed Congressional intent and did not adopt the blanket rule.  The FWS’s proposal would align it with NMFS and Congressional intent.

The FWS’s proposal would ensure that, moving forward, all threatened species receive the level of protection that is appropriate for each species.  This approach will free-up limited resources for more targeted and efficient recovery of threatened and endangered species.

SCI also supports the FWS’s consideration of revisions to how it establishes the “foreseeable future.”  The ESA defines a threatened species as one that is likely to become an endangered species within the “foreseeable future.”

Under the proposed change, the foreseeable future would extend only as far as the agency can reasonably determine that both the future threats and the species’ responses to those threats are “probable.”  While refinement of this proposal may be necessary, SCI hopes that whatever the FWS adopts will help avoid future threatened listings such as the unwarranted listing of the polar bear, which used an excessive 45-year foreseeable future.

Other proposed changes include streamlining critical habitat designations, modifying ESA consultation requirements for other federal agencies, and clarifying how the agencies make decisions to delist species.

The FWS will accept comments on the proposals for 60 days after the upcoming publication of the proposals in the Federal Register.  SCI will provide comments.

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San Juan County 4-H Air Rifle Team 2018 Season

Four Corners SCI provided the San Juan County 4-H Air Rifle Team with a grant to assist in their trip to the National 4-H Shooting Competition this 2018 Season.

San Juan County 4-H Air Rifle Team 2018

The San Juan County 4-H Air Rifle Team had an outstanding season this year. The air rifle team placed first at the state competition and qualified for nationals held in Grand Island, Nebraska. At nationals, they competed in three different air rifle events. The air rifle team placed first in the nation for silhouettes and they were runner-up champions overall.

One of the individuals on the team, Amoret McCartney, will be receiving a Junior Distinguished Badge from the Civilian Marksmanship Program after gaining excellence in competition points at the national competition.

The San Juan County 4-H Air Rifle Team didn’t just shoot remarkably but they also had outstanding sportsmanship. The team met a young lady from Florida shooting by herself and the San Juan team took her under their wing and made her a part of their team. They encouraged her just as they would any of their other teammates.

We are so proud of these young shooters and can’t wait to see their great strides in the future.

Thank you

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Recipient of Tim Cooper Memorial Scholarship Announced

Tim Cooper Memorial Scholarship

At our recent banquet fundraiser event, we proudly announced scholarship availability in the name of Tim Cooper, a former member and longtime supporter of our Mission. The Chapter is proud to offer funding to students who are pursuing and continuing education by way of college, university or trade school.

Tim Cooper Memorial Scholarship
Tim Cooper loved life. He enjoyed nature, wildlife, and the pursuit of wild game. He displayed a jovial spirit as he recounted stories of pack strings, bighorn sheep, odds and results, his hunts, and his wife Paula’s hunts. He quarried others with a genuine interest in their pursuits. He respected other hunters and their success or lack of. He’s what more hunters need to emulate. A tragic car accident cut Tim’s life short. To honor him and because of his positive display toward wildlife, conservation, sharing it with others, and supporting his community, Four Corners SCI is proud to honor his legacy with the Tim Cooper Memorial scholarship, which will be awarded to students who also display these admirable qualities.

Tate Hinger – Scholarship Award Recipient

After reviewing scholarship applications, the Board of Directors is proud to announce that Tate Hinger, of Pagosa Springs Colorado, is the Chapter’s first recipient of the Tim Cooper Memorial Scholarship.


“I plan to do everything in my power to preserve the wildlife, wilderness, and wonder I experienced as a kid. I hope to attend college and explore various professions where I could apply the leadership skills I’ve gained in life. As a hard-working, dedicated young man I know the value of the outdoors. It’s a gift that is too beautiful to hide and yet too precious to neglect.” Tate Hinger

In his scholarship application, Hinger shared many scholastic accomplishments, an extensive list of extracurricular activities, community service and remarkable essays. These items show his determination, drive and his support of our Mission.

This content originally appeared in the Summer, 2018 issue of the Four Corners SCI News. If you would like to be added to our mail or e-mail list, please CLICK HERE to send us your information.

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