Big Game Safari for One Hunter and One Non-Hunter – Limpopo, South Africa

Mbogo Safaris invites one hunter to use the method of take of his choosing and to bring one non-hunter to hunt for five days. The hunter will be accompanied by one guide. The auction bid winner will receive $1000 credit toward trophy fees.

The trip dates are to be scheduled by the bid-winner for 2018 or 2019. Guide fees, field preparation, caping, skinning, salting, all meals, and 4-star lodging is included. Additional hunters may be added at $450 USD per hunter per day. Additional non-hunters may be added at $250 USD per non-hunter per day.

Required fees, which are not included, are: firearms permit if you bring your own rifle (rentals are available). Also not included: travel to O R Tambo, Johannesburg, personal items, excursions, trophy fees, taxidermy fees, shipping, and import fees.

Mbogo Safari


Pick up and drop off at the airport. All accommodations. All meals and local drinks. PH, tracker, and skinner. Room cleaning service every day. Laundry service every second day. Field prep of trophies (skinning and salt). Delivery of trophies to taxidermist. Rifle use if you don’t want to bring your own. (You only replace the box of ammo.) 5 full hunting days for 1 hunter and 1 observer. (1 day traveling to camp, 5 full hunting days and one day traveling to the airport.)

No back to back safaris are allowed. Hunter’s trophy credits are not transferable. Hunts are not transferable unless arranged with the outfitter. Hunts are valid for the year in which they are bought or the year following. If a hunt is arranged for the following year, the Mbogo price list is subject to change. Taxidermy and shipping are not included.

Mbogo Price List and Daily Rates 2018

Daily Rates: $450 USD per hunter per day (1×1), $350 per hunter per day (2×1), $250 per observer per day

Baboon $    200 USD
Black Wildebeest $  1250 USD
Blesbuck Common $    500 USD
Blue Wildebeest $  1250 USD
Buffalo <38 $11000 USD
Buffalo >38 $12500 USD
Buffalo >40 $14000 USD
Limpopo Bushbuck $  1350 USD
Bushpig $  1000 USD
Caracal $  1200 USD
Civet $  1000 USD
Crocodile $  8000 USD
Duiker Common $    500 USD
Eland Cape $  2750 USD
Gemsbuck $  1400 USD
Genet $    500 USD
Giraffe $  3000 USD
Hippo $10000 USD
Impala $    500 USD
Jackal $    200 USD
Kudu <50 $  2250 USD
Kudu 50 – 54 $  2500 USD
Kudu 55 – 58 $  2750 USD
Kudu >58 $  3250 USD
Klipspringer $  1350 USD
Nyala $  2750 USD
Ostrich $  1000 USD
Porcupine $    250 USD
Red Hartebeest $  1500 USD
Red Leewe $  3000 USD
Reedbuck Mountain $  1500 USD
Reedbuck Common $  1500 USD
Roan $  9000 USD
Sable $  7000 USD
Sable >39 $  8500 USD
Springbuck Common $    500 USD
Springbuck White $  1500 USD
Springbuck Black $  1250 USD
Springbuck Copper $  2000 USD
Steenbuck $    500 USD
Tsessebe $  3000 USD
Vervet Monkey $    200 USD
Vaal Rhebuck $  2000 USD
Warthog $    500 USD
Waterbuck $  2250 USD
Zebra $  1250 USD
Duiker Blue POR
Duiker Red POR
Elephant POR
Bontebok POR
Oribi POR
Suni POR
Cape Grysbuck POR
Sharpes Grysbuck POR
Lieh. Hartebeest POR


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