Beceite Ibex Hunt in Spain – Four Corners SCI

Beceite Ibex. Brought to you by Corju Hunting in Madrid, Spain. This is a hunt is for one rifle hunter to be accompanied by one guide on a two to three day hunt. This is a management hunt to pursue free ranging Spanish Beceite Ibex which may be upgraded to trophy quality. The auction bid winner will receive $3000 credit toward trophy fees.

Trophy Ibex pictured – Hunters may upgrade quality.

The trip dates are to be scheduled by the bid-winner between November and May of 2018-19. Guide fees, field preparation, caping, skinning, salting, all meals, and hotel accommodations are included. Required fees, which are not included, are: $200 USD license fee, $250 USD firearms permit, daily rate for hunter of $500 USD per day, taxidermy fees, and import fees.


A hunter can use their $3000 trophy fee toward the upgrade of their hunt to higher trophy quality. Other species that may be pursued: Gredos Ibex, Sierra Nevada Ibex, Ronda Ibex. Extra hunters and non-hunters may be added at $500 USD per day per hunter and $250 USD per day per non-hunter.


From Corju:

“Without a doubt, my favourite and the one I most recommend. To see these spectacular “airplanes” on the top of the cliffs is a feeling that cannot be easily explained, I can just recommend you to come and try it for yourself. The first time I hunted here, I said to myself: It is here where I want to stay. Not only because of the Ibex but also because of its great people, food and scenery. Our hunting area is located less than four hours drive from Madrid.”

  • Season: November to end of May.

  • Recommended Airport: Madrid.

  • Difficulty: We manage more than fifty thousand hectares. There are areas for all kinds of abilities.

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