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Bowshoot and Annual Summer Member Meeting – Four Corners SCI

We look forward to seeing you at our annual Summer Member Meeting at a local bow shoot.

Four Corners SCI is proud to support the Vallecito Conservation & Sporting Association (VCSA) in purchasing targets for the future. We’ve issued grant money, which has been used to develop a youth shooting area. In addition, the club has purchased new targets for their archery course.

The VCSA has three coming shoots (listed below), and are allowing us to have our Annual Summer Member Meeting Saturday, August 5th. Registration begins at 9:00 am. The shoot starts at 10:00 am. We will be sponsoring this event and will host a youth shoot with instructors to help the youngsters, lunch, and a drawing to win a recurve bow! Find additional details below.


July 29, 2017

  • Kids only range
  • Youth shoot at velociraptor, stagosaurus, deer, bear, and more
  • Hundred dollar bill shoot
  • Multiple money categories for men, women, and children
  • Food and drinks available for purchase

August 5, 2017

  • Four Corners SCI sponsored shoot
  • Instructor assistance for youth (provided by SCI)
  • Food and drinks provided by SCI
  • Special drawing for a RECURVE BOW (for new and existing SCI members)
  • Youth only range
  • Hundred dollar bill shoot
  • Multiple money categories for men, women, and children

August 12, 2017

  • Youth only range
  • Hundred dollar bill shoot
  • Multiple money categories for men, women, and children
  • Food and drinks available for purchase

2017 Archery Shoot Series

$25 one time membership fee
Registration – 9:00 am
Shoot – 10:00 am

All shots will have 20+ 3D targets.
Separate shooting stakes for traditional and compound shooters.
Life-like hunting shots.
Families welcome! 16 years and under must be accompanied by and adult.

For more information contact – Jared Hansen 970-426-9062

SCI event header You Could WIN

A Sheep On Every Mountain

WOW! You all have to read this courageous story of the Arizona Game and Fish Department’s work to restore Desert Big Horn Sheep to their native habitats.

Hunt Forever

AZ Game & Fish Commission Chairman, Edward “Pat” Madden (center), AZ Game & Fish Commissioner Eric Sparks (right) and Special Assistant to the Director, Kent Komadina (left)

It’s before dawn and four of us are in a truck bouncing along a potholed road headed out to a remote location for a hunt. The atmosphere is friendly, good-natured ribbing and talk of past successes and failures in the field. It’s deer season in Arizona and scenes very much like this are being played out all over the state, this one however is decidedly different. For one thing, the other three in the truck are AZ Game and Fish Department Commission Chairman Edward “Pat” Madden, Game and Fish Commissioner Eric Sparks and Special Assistant to the Director, Kent Komadina. We are not on our way to fill a deer tag but to fill the capture crates following us with desert bighorn sheep…

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Clarification on Zimbabwe Importation Prohibition

No Change in Zimbabwe Importation Prohibition

Despite recent rumors to the contrary, the existing bans on African lion and elephant importation from Zimbabwe remain in effect.  SCI received confirmation of this information yesterday from the U.S. Department of the Interior.  Unfortunately, press releases and news reports coming from Zimbabwe during the last several days incorrectly reported that the U.S. position on importation of lions and elephants from Zimbabwe had changed.

In April 2014, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service imposed a ban on the importation of legally hunted elephants from Zimbabwe.  SCI and the National Rifle Association sued to challenge the ban and the case continues in federal court.  SCI and NRA have already seen some success from the case.  The district court held that the Service illegally imposed the ban before announcing it in the Federal Register.  As a result the Court held that the ban could not commence until May 12, 2014, when the agency published its formal notice.  Several SCI members and others who successfully hunted elephants between April 4 and May 11, 2014, are now in the process of importing their elephants.

In January 2016, the Service adopted regulations requiring individual permits for the importation of each African lion into the U.S. Since that date, the FWS has not granted a single permit for the importation of a legally hunted lion from Zimbabwe.

Although the Department of the Interior has not lifted either the elephant or lion importation ban, SCI is optimistic that we will see changes to the status of importation from Zimbabwe in the near future.  We will continue to monitor the importation situation, and will immediately alert our members to any changes.

San Juan County 4-H Team Receives Four Corners SCI Support

At Four Corners SCI we are proud to host one of the largest fundraisers in the area and to give back to the community. A piece of our Mission Statement is “To educate youth, sportsmen, and the public in conservation of our wildlife and our forest, which is our natural heritage.” We’re putting forth more than one effort in this avenue and will be sharing additional works throughout the year. Please find a recap from the San Juan County 4-H Shooting Team. They recently participated in the 4-H National event, a trip for which our Chapter provided support.
The 2017 4-H National Shooting Sports Championships were held in Grand Island, Nebraska and it was a blast!! 22 teams across the country competed in .22 rifle and 26 team competed in air rifle. The competition was fierce!

The Air Rifle Team (Gabe Doherty, Racine Eavenson, Camron Martinez, and Bethany Parks) didn’t make it to the podium but there was some personal best scores shot!

The .22 team (Rashel Korte, Michaela Langlitz, Amoret McCartney, and Jeana Dolan) came in 4th in the Silhouette event with Michaela Langlitz coming 10th as an individual.
In the CMP Rimfire event the team came in 4th and Michaela Langlitz came in 7th as an individual.
In the 3P event the team placed 3rd with Amoret McCartney placing 9th with her individual score.
For the overall team award the San Juan County .22 team ranked 4th in the Nation with Rashel Korte ranking 9th overall

Wow, what a week! Very proud of our teams and very blessed to be part of the event and experience it with the families that we were with. Great Memories, Thanks! Thank you again for all donations and support  to make it possible for these 4-H families to go experience an event like this.
Many thanks to our members and all supporters who contribute and support our Mission. We are very proud of these youngsters and their hard work.

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