Canada Black Bear Hunt to be Auctioned at Four Corners SCI Banquet

BEAR HUNTING with Silver Fox Outfitters in High Level, Alberta, Canada. Two hunters may hunt for three days. This event includes one bear each (license fees not included) and the hunter may add a bear tag and upgrade to a five day hunt. Also available is a WOLF hunt addition. Meals and outfitter tent accommodations are included. This hunt is for spring of 2015.

The Silver Fox Outfitters “two tag” hunters have averaged more then a150% shooting rate for close to a decade. This is one of the highest success rates in the province. We manage this by: regulating the number of hunters we take, using fresh quality bait hauled to the hunting area in our own reefer trailer, setting strategically located baits, and by insuring that our guides know the area we hunt. Our past success rate speak for itself and when compared to the possibly less than 50% hunter success in other provinces/states, it’s easy to see that Alberta is the place to be for fantastic bear hunting. Eric Rauhanen and the Silver Fox Outfitters “team” are the right choice for you.


Our area has one of the highest trophy bear populations in North America with about 10 to 15% being color phased. Light hunting pressure allows us to produce a higher percentage of larger, older boars for our hunters. This is representative of a mature population. Bears are so plentiful here that each hunter is allowed two tags.

LG_and_Mia_Anstine_wearing_Lady_Hunter_Safety_System_saety_harness_and_Prois_lady_hunting_apparellBAIT HUNTING

We use beavers, butcher scraps, bakery scraps, restaurant grease, oats, molasses and specialty bear lures for bait and it’s hauled to site and stored in a 28 ft reefer trailer. Our baits are set when there’s still snow on the ground, several weeks before your arrival. Maintained regularly they become the bear’s primary food source. Baits are accessible by four-wheel drive trucks, all-terrain vehicles or jet boat. As nocturnal animals, bears are hunted primarily in the evening. Hunters are taken to active bait sites in the late afternoon. Portable tree stands are the preferred method in our area. They are 12 to 15 feet up and 15 to 20 yards from the bait. We are quite far north and the sunsets late. We are normally finished hunting by 10:30 p.m. and out of the bush by midnight.


Few things can compare to the excitement of stalking trophy bears. We offer both five day as well as the recommended ten day hunt. They are normally restricted to one hunter per guide to ensure a maximum number of opportunities at quality bears. Highly mobile spike camps are utilized, allowing the hunter to instantly move to where the game is and to cover more ground. Hunters that have spot and stalk hunted know that nothing compares to taking a trophy bruin from the ground.

Silver-Fox-Outfitters-trophy-black-bear-Canada-photo-by-Mia-AnstineBAG LIMIT

We hunt a two-bear area; each tag can be purchased individually. Your second tag can be purchased optionally at any time during your hunt. We have crippled bear policy re: it cost you a tag.


Hunters are responsible for their own personal equipment. A complete and detailed list is sent several weeks before your arrival, or I can e-mail you now if you’d like. It will include such items as: a camera with lots of memory, warm quiet clothing, rain gear, rubber boots, sleeping bag and personal effects. For entry into Canada you need a passport.

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